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Custom Photo Mugs.

Looking for something special for a gift? More than just a photo on a mug, my custom collages are individually designed to best suit the photos and recipient. Ranging from very simple frames and cutouts to elaborate multiphoto collages, these mugs have proven to be very popular gifts.

For example...

 The Annie Mug
This girl is forever posing for photos for her aunt, pulling silly faces and prancing about. Which gave me plenty of material to choose from to make this fantastic mug for her. By grabbing a couple of them and dropping them on a retro style background design, I was even able to have her interacting with the text.
Don't want a mug?
Both Cafepress and Zazzle have a large range of products to which custom designs can be applied. Coaster sets, keepsake boxes, clocks and bags, and much more. 


Photo Retouching.

It's the perfect shot! You managed to capture your child/partner/favorite pet in the cutest/most embarassing/funniest pose ever. But oh no! Their shirt is stained, the couch is torn, or someone forgot to shut the door - and there in the background is a pile of dirty laundry on the floor! It's ruining the whole shot. Let me fix your photos so you can proudly show them off.
Wags' 'Studio 2000' Portrait

A beautiful shot that was spoilt by daggy linoleum and duck tape holding it down. By isolating the important bits, and blurring the rest, I was able to turn it into this lovely and amusing portrait that looks like the type of shot done in those portrait photography studios.



Want to see more?

Check out some more of my custom work in my Custom Job album in the gallery.