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7th September 2014

Wow, that is quite a jump isn't it.

Almost three years since I updated these pages. Much has changed in my life. I have given up on Cafepress and Zazzle. My stores are still there, but they changed the rules and showed themselves insensitive to those whose work they profit from, and I lost interest in maintaining them. 

And while it was exciting to have my art on things in Hollywood, it did not do anything for my business, so although I still support the indiExhibit, I am no longer a part of it.
For now, I am occupied in caring for my aging parents, which is sometimes hell, and sometimes downright hilarious. To maintain my sanity, I amuse myself with writing nonsensical statuses and adventures in Fairyland, with my rather ditzy fairy companion Nocturne. 
It is therapeutic, and not only for me. Many of those whose gardens I visit and leave messages to have said how much they enjoy my posts. That I give them a laugh and brighten their day with my silliness. And that in turn makes me feel good, because I love to make people laugh. To bring a little light and joy into their lives. Probably because I know how important that is to me. 

Until soon


18th September 2011
At the GBK Gift Lounge for the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards. My shoe!

In the hands of a celebrity in Hollywood! Lorraine Bracco was Oscar-nominated for her performance as Ray Liotta's big-spending Mafioso wife in Goodfellas, and has been Emmy-nominated several times playing Dr. Melfi, psychiatrist to the Mafia boss on The Sopranos. Not sure why she only held one shoe, but hey, I don't care either, she really liked them, and that is the main thing!
 The celebrities seemed to love that rather than see each other as rivals, we have come together as a community, offering help, encouragement, suggestions and support to one another.
This is why I love the indiExhibit. Many of our members have physical or mental illness, struggle with insecurity and self-doubt, and often we suffer in isolation. To have a haven where we are welcomed as artists, and our efforts valued is a huge boon, especially when friends and family don't understand the amount of work we put in, tell us to stop wasting our time or refer to it condescendingly as our 'little hobby'.

20th September 2011

How Cool Are These Shoes!

I am LOVING the way these came up. I have wanted to see TropicalDog shoes ever since Zazzle introduced the Keds custom range, and here they are! They look just like they did on the site too, with very little colour shift or fading, I am pleased to say. This is so exciting to me, to see this design finally out of my head and on actual clothing, after years of seeing it in my head. Next will be a vest I think, if I can sort out the uploading issues I am having with Spoonflower. I love modern technology but some days I really hate it too.

16th September 2011

Where Has The Time Gone?

I can't believe the Emmys are nearly here. Trying to set this site up properly has been doing my head in. My poor artistic brain doesn't like coping with programmer mindset. Going in circles trying to get a blog page and decent photo gallery on here. I must remember to breathe and get away from in front of this box before I become lost again.

I'm so excited!

Emmy Awards Gift Lounge
The IndiExhibit will be participating in the GBK Productions Gifting Suite for the Emmy Awards in September and I am having a 2 day display! I will be showing off my TropicalDog Keds, and gifting the celebs with a handmade broach featuring the same design.

My mum will be so proud.

The first edition of the IndiExhibit Magazine is about to go to print, and will be added to all swag and press bags for the next two shows, plus any mini events too. I decided to do a full page ad, and I am very happy with what I came up with to represent myself. I can't wait to see it!




+ Metal Macramé and Other Fancies.

Off with her head!... oops.
Work continues on Qween of the Bone, only slightly set back by the fact that the head fell off and shattered on the tiles.

From the workshop.

After the distressing discovery that I simply cannot solder, I had to find an alternative method for building the 'skirt' from resistors. After a few moderately successful experiments, I found the solution in my crafting roots. Macramé my dear Watson! 


+ Amere at the ESPYs

My first foray with The IndiExhibit was to the 2010 ESPY Awards, held at the Playboy Mansion. It was a good learning experience for the group, even though I don't think it was a very good fit for our products.

And the award goes to...

Well, I don't know who the awards went to, but at the end of the night my infant suit went to the security guard who had admired it greatly, for his grandaughter. I hope he got much enjoyment out of it.

Jaimie Foxx Jaimie Foxx, stand-up, actor and musician, dropped by our table and kindly held up my 'Do Not Tumble Dry' infant suit for a photo.